July 19, 2015 THE GIST OF Nutrientscure.WordPress.com AS OF July 12th 2010

THE GIST OF Nutrientscure.WordPress.com AS OF July 12th 2010



The *Organizational* Alternative Medicine Blog Titled “THE GIST OF NUTRIENTSCURE.WORDPRESS.COM AS OF JULY 12TH 2010” Found On The Patriot Revolution Website of *A Call 4 Justifiable Revolution* Dot WordPress Dot Com As Reflected In The Material Below Contains Links to Dozens of WordPress Blogs that I wrote over the years regarding what

I have either (1) Learned, (2) Self-Discovered or (3) Co-Discovered with My Son Willy Darman About Correcting (and curing!) Depression, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, other Mental Illnesses, Sleep Difficulties and Mania Difficulties via the Use of No Pharmaceutical Drugs Whatsoever -> Corrected or Cured Only By Nutritional, Natural and/or Electro-Medical Means (for the latter Search on YouTube and/or Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, etc. for the brilliant work of two clear geniuses -> Bob Beck *or* Robert Beck and Royal Raymond Rife). I have Led the World In Regard 2 Curing Almost All Mental Illnesses and Addictions 4 Over 15 Years. I am Dr. Abram Hoffer’s Replacement as far a a World Leading Authority on How to Correct and/or Cure Mental Illness (and addiction) Via Non-Drug Means Goes. (I knew this Solidly as early as November 2002.) In honesty, I Know Far More Than Abram Hoffer Ever Did, in part because many of the Nutritional Supplements Needed Were Disallowed In Canada. I am not bragging here. I am simply Stating the Facts and the Truth.

Allen Darman

Originally posted on A Call 4 Justifiable Revolution:

Link to This aCall4JustifiableRevolution WordPress Blog:http://wp.me/p2oNvA-3o

***Important Prefacing Notes Dated 1/15/2013:

Nutrientscure.Wordpress.com was Originally a WordPress Website in regard to overcoming mental illness via the use of natural and non-drug means. It was essentially the story of my overcoming over three decades of bipolar symptoms in the late 1990′s, and then teaching my son Willy Darman how to overcome an ADHD diagnosis and bipolar symptoms beginning when he was thirteen years old in 2004.

The Search for a Cure for ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia ended! with my son Willy Darman and I. We Co-Discovered these Cures for the World!

I had already found most of the proper chemical manner to correct bipolar disorder from a chemical standpoint before 2004.My son Willy Darman found “the last key idea” that was needed “to do the job right”. Willy hit a home run for the World when he came…

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